Ike GPS 1000

ikeGPS, the all-in-one mobile GIS system
The only integrated mobile GIS data capture device

* Combines rugged PDA, GPS, camera, 3D compass, laser rangefinder
* Sub-meter GPS capability available

Mobile GIS that makes complex data capture simple

* Surface area measurement of distant targets
* Volume and height calculations for distant targets

Point, aim, shoot simplicity

* Cross-hairs to focus on remote targets up to 1,000m distant
* One click gives you geo-tagged image of the target (lat, long and alt), as well as your own position

A complete package

* Full Windows Mobile 6 feature set
* Easy integration into 3rd party GIS apps like ArcPad
* Rugged IP67 construction takes ALL the knocks

ikeGPS offers many benefits for the acquisition of mapping-grade geospatial information.

For their purpose, these are the best GPS devices I have ever seen or used…after I took the unit out of its rugged shipping and carrying case, I immediately dropped the unit from several feet up, accidentally of course, dunked it in cold water, and then left it in the hot sun for some time. I basically treated the device like a field unit and it passed all my torture tests with flying colors…
Don Jewell, Editor, GPS World, Military & Government

Here are some reasons why ikeGPS is the best solution for a wide range of operations:

ikeGPS is Verifiable

ikeGPS is fully integrated, reducing the chance for error, and each position is captured directly on a verifiable digital image of the target. Learn more…
ikeGPS is Fast

ikeGPS significantly reduces deployment time—it is simple to learn and simple to use, and its standoff position capture ability accelerates data collection by allowing the user to position multiple points from a single location. Learn more…

ikeGPSis Safe

ikeGPS users can pinpoint the location of any target from a distance—keeping the user safely away from hazardous situations. Learn more…
High ValueROI from the first deployment

ikeGPS offers shorter deployment, shorter data capture, and shorter post-processing time, reducing overall operational timelines and cost.