Carlson Software

Carlson Software offers the complete suite of solutions, across the disciplines of data collection, surveying, engineering design and drafting, mine planning and modeling, construction estimation and machine control. Carlson Software is a proven solution provider.

With Carlson Survey, now with C&G within it, and Simplicity, we have the largest user base of office survey software in the U.S., the highest rate of customer retention over our nearly 30-year history, and we are the only company with free tech support since the day of its founding. Carlson SurvCE is the most popular third party data collection solution—it is available in 15 languages and has been selected by most of the world’s leading equipment manufacturers. This makes SurvCE the worldwide market standard.

Carlson also provides rugged, high-performance hardware for surveying and machine control, including multiple forms of GNSS equipment, data collectors, screen displays and even total stations. Our most popular hardware selection is the Carlson Surveyor+ data collector, well known for its durability, a top seller since its introduction in 2008. With the addition of the GNSS expansion pack, it becomes a very competitive, lightweight RTK GNSS solution.

We attribute our success to the “positive feedback loop” that we encourage. With our wide product range that includes Carlson Civil, Carlson Takeoff for construction estimation, and Carlson Grade for machine control, we get invaluable feedback from throughout the land development industry that is used to ensure that our annual releases are always full of customer-driven new features. Our software production is now led by Dave Carlson, who heads up the best programming team in the industry. All products benefit from our 25-year history of customer input and intense industry usage.

We’re proud that customers who were with us for 20 or more years are still with us because we’ve not lost our emphasis on service and delivering customer-driven features. We look forward to continuing this tradition to the land surveyors, construction companies, government offices, and civil engineering firms looking for comprehensive, full-featured software solutions.

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