Gexcel started in 2007 with the mission to turn the latest scientific achievements in the Geomatics field into hi-tech products and services for wide application areas. It aims to transfer its know-how in specific solutions, designed to provide to the customer enterprises significant improvements for their efficiency. Thanks to its high knowledge, Gexcel is able to satisfy different customer’s requirements: from big engineering companies looking for advanced ad hoc solutions and services, to local government agencies as well as smaller clients interested in dedicated solutions. Beside the Engineering&Consulting; Business Unit, is the Software Solutions Business Unit, the leading sector involved in software development of qualified and well-appreciated applications and high level innovative and customized solutions, created in order to satisfy more and more the target needs. Gexcel’s main software product, JRC 3D Reconstructor (a well known software package for 3D laser scanner data processing) is worldwide used by all kind of final users in several fields of application, but there are also several ad hoc solutions realized for important international companies: one of the first Gexcel's software clients is the European Commission. The Software Solutions B.U. activities > Development sales of software for laser scanner data > Development of dedicated software solutions Gexcel's software products, in particular the JRC 3D Reconstructor®, are nourished by the applied research achievements of the European Joint Research Centre (JRC), located in Ispra, and the University. Thanks to these collaborations and its knoledge Gexcel is now the official developer and provider of this software and is able to satisfy differet international targets, becoming also partner of important laser scanner manufacturers. Consulting for software clients: Thanks to the great competence of its staff, Gexcel can also provide (primarily in Italy) high level support to its software clients and to special projects (airports, railways, motorways, etc.), furnishing full consulting services concerning training on software and surveying techniques; 3D data acquisition and processing; 3D survey by LiDAR 3D laser scanner and/or Radar instruments. These activities allow Gexcel to become aware of the real needs of the survey market in order to transform them in fitting improvements of its software solutions.
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