PT ASABA Surveying Division Resmi Menjadi Distributor Topcon GLS 2000

Sokkia Singapore Potitioning Sales Pte, Ltd. yang merupakan bagian dari Topcon Corporation Japan telah menunjuk PT ASABA Surveying Division sebagai Exclusive Distributor untuk produk Topcon...

PT. ASABA In Collaboration with PT RCI On Slope Stability Monitoring Study
The New SOKKIA GRX2 Base/Rover

SPIKE is The world's first laser accurate smartphone measurement solution

UGM Industrial Visits to PT. ASABA
The Magnificent Three

The Total Stations DX series is ideal suited for jobs that require the highest accuracy with simple operation.

Choose Cralson for the total Project

Collect your data with Carlson. Design your projects with Carlson. Estimate the job with Carlson. Then execute and check the plans with Carlson.

Produk terbaru dari SOKKIA.

Telah hadir produk baru dari SOKKIA ! Sokkia CX Series dan FX Series.