PT. ASABA In Collaboration with PT RCI On Slope Stability Monitoring Study

On March 13, 2015, PT ASABA Surveying Division has handed over report on Slope Stability Monitoring Study using Maptek I-Site 8820 as a cooperation between PT ASABA and PT RCI at Mesra Business and Resort Hotel Samarinda, East Kalimantan. The event was attended by stake holders in the mining site like Senior Managers of TOBA Group as mining owner (PT Indo Mining, PT TMU, PT ABN),  Director and Senior Managers of PT RCI, senior officers of the Mining and Energy Agency of East Kalimantan province, also ASABA sales and supporting team.

The study has been conducted for three months, November 2014 until January 2015. During the time I-Site 8820 was periodically used extensively to scan slopes of several mining sites for Slope Stability Monitoring. Other applications were also implemented, i.e., volumetric calculation and monitoring using I-Site Studio, excavation conformance with PerfectDig, geotechnical analysis, etc.

I-Site 8820 was performed well in very hot sunny day with sudden change to tropical rain which is typical in the region. On-board internal camera and telescope really give advantages during scanning flow on site, also attaching RTK GPS on top of the I-Site 8820 for high accuracy positioning. Standard batteries provide enough power for one day operation without worry for recharging. Portable rugged controller gives full control to operate the scanner system with easy and user friendly workflow for different applications on site. Huge scan data was collected very fast, could immediately be analyzed and assessed using portable rugged controller while still on site before wrapped up to go back to the office.

The report hand over event was also covered by the press, KalTim Post Newspaper.

Site location for study is a coal mining located in Sanga-Sanga area near Samarinda city, East Kalimantan. I-Site 8820 is long range scanner manufactured by Maptek Co. Ltd. Australia,  PT ASABA is the exclusive distributor of I-Site in Indonesia, TOBA Group is owner of many coal mining site in Indonesia, PT Indo Mining – PT TMU – PT ABN are companies under TOBA Group, PT RCI (PT RPP Contractor Indonesia) is a mining contractor.