The New SOKKIA GRX2 Base/Rover

The Sokkia GRX2 is built off of the successful GRX1 Platform.  A new GPS chip boosts performance with increases in channels from 72 to 226, and superior performance in canopy conditions.  Best of all, you get all the performance with less power consumption than before.

Sokkia gives the GRX2 superior tracking in canopy.  While other receivers, even much higher priced competitive systems, sacrifice accuracy for tracking performance, Sokkia gives you both.  It is truly unmatched in providing accuracy levels and performance.

Available in three different models, Digital UHF II Radio only, UHF II with CDMA Modem, and UHF II with the new HSPA Modem, the GRX2 can fit your budget and job requirements.  The faster HSPA modem replaces the GSM modem for AT&T and T-Mobile SIM Cards.